Friday, 22 March 2013

Girls Fairy Garden Birthday Cake

When designing one of our cakes i love to let the creativeness flow... We were trusted to just "do what we do" so of course we were over excited! our only brief was fairies and butterflies something suitable for a 4 year old girl. And this is our result...

Our pretty little butterfly garden cake Pretty, Pretty, Pretty

This cake is a two tier birthday cake, both tiers are FUN Confetti Cake with Vanilla bean Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Perfect for a little girls birthday cake

Closeup of our butterflies covered in Glitter

Miss Butterfly Fairy 

Large no.4 cake sits ontop of main cake

Ruffle flowers, toadstool houses

Perfect backdrop Alice's Teaparty, goes rather well don't you think?

It could almost be sitting on her table!

Hope you love it!!

As always, Happy Baking!!
Chloe x

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